Meet & Greet Service

alleviating fears & providing support and encouragement.

Here at Pink Punters we understand how daunting it can be to make your "dressed" debut. All of our "TAG" members have made that first step and know how truly scary it can be. Just walking from the Hotel or car park can be enough to put you off enjoying a great night out. To alleviate these fears we provide a "Meet & Greet" service to reduce these fears and provide support and encouragement for your first outing.

Pink Punters is a very safe environment, we pride ourselves on the quality of our security staff, all have received training and development on transgendered support and employ a strict vetting service on the clientele who enter the club. They actively monitor clients behaviour to ensure all of the LGBT community enjoy their night without any form of anti-social behaviour.

If you are considering making a trip to Pink Punters and are new or just need some support we have a very experienced team in the TAG group that can provide this support. If you look at the members on TAG's members page, you can choose the person you would like to provide this service. They will contact you and arrange to meet you at the location of your choice i.e. the Camponile or the club's car park, they will have a chat with you and then escort you into the club. They will provide the grand tour and make introductions to the staff and owners, they will put you at your ease and make sure you feel confident to enjoy the Pink Punters experience. This service is free, Pink Punters and TAG will never charge for this service, we are committed to provide all the help and support to the Trans community we are able to.

We have a number of testimonials from people who have used this service and the feedback has been incredibly positive. If you are considering making that first important step in the "outside" world, we shall be there with you, at your side to ensure your Debut is truly memorable and rewarding.

Thanks so much for everything you done last night,it was so nice of you both make us feel so welcome and the introduction to pinks was fantastic!

lucy and lexy

Time just evaporated while we were having fun.

It was great.


Thanks again for giving me such lovely memories!

Glynis xx

The Team

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