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"Mimi first began life 11 years ago, she wore a blonde frizz ball wig, no make-up and a innocent look in her eyes"

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Miss Mimi La Mar

Has been described as, an Outrageous sharp tongued diva, who behaves in a very flirtatious way and is the life and soul of any party. She's stylish, en Vogue and Original (I think they broke the mould when they made her!!) but things have not always been like this.....

Mimi first began life 11 years ago, she wore a blonde frizz ball wig, no make-up and a innocent look in her eyes, sporting a very fetching (NOT) red crushed velvet long sleeved dress and FLATS (OMG I know!! I can hardly believe it myself) She was asked by her step half drag mother once removed (Shirley B) to perform in a show which was at Pink Punters and to be honest once she was "dressed up" looking like a blonde car crash she HATED it, HATED EVERY THING about it (this being the first time and everything!)

After getting more involved with the shows, experimenting with different looks, wigs, outfits and pushing the boundaries with her Persona (which changed on a weekly basis!!) the complements began to flood in from which she continued to built on; from then onwards she's never looked back.

Mimi moved to Gran Canaria in 2006 where she worked for the world famous show bar Cafe La Bell as a showgirl (and that was her 6 nights a week) performing to a crowd with dancers and other drag showgirls. She loves performing on stage, the fabulous costumes, creating a character with her imagination and skills as a makeup artist.

Throughout the years the looks have change, from Drab to Drag, Drag to Slag and FINALLY to this.....a League of her own (even if I do say so myself!!) I "Dress" because I like the Buzz, the Shock it or isn't it?!?! All in all a chance to let my hair down!

I don't see myself as a transsexual or Transvestite, I dress for fun on the occasional weekend I would never want a sex change because "Baby I was born this way" (thank you Lady Gaga) Mimi's just......Mimi!! But if she had to be labelled I suppose it would be as a "fun Cross Dresser".

It's taken her a long time to look like this and a lot of effort over the years enjoy your experience be who you truly are!! Don't be afraid to express yourself even if you think you look bad it's all about Trial and Error.

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Image of Mimi Image of Mimi

Image of Mimi

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