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"From a very early age, I felt different"

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I am a transvestite, seeing cross-dresser as more an American term. Plus CD tends to imply non-sexual, whereas I am happy accepting my "physical" nature. See myself as "bi" in that I fancy women and guys, if they have a feminine nature.

From a very early age, I have felt different and around the age of 6 or 7 started cross-dressing and it has been part of me ever since. Nowadays, my clothing tends to be androgynous ie sweater and jeans, though I do make an effort for the BNO etc.

I told my (now ex) wife soon after we first met. Although it wasn't the main cause of our divorce it was a factor and she was somewhat unpleasant about parts of it.

My gender issues have always created problems eg finding it difficult to have male friendships in case they suspected something. My career was in the military which meant a constant worry of being found out. The issues were also limiting in that although I could play the macho role, it was never fully me and sometimes my more feminine/sharing approach to management was seen as a weakness.

Don't have any wish for surgery, since I don't regard myself as TS, rather someone with a strong feminine gender as part of my personality.

Nowadays I'm more happy with myself living in the grey area. My brother is aware, but doesn't really understand. My neighbours probably guess, but don't ask questions. I'm one of the founders of the Big Night Out (BNO) which has always aimed to help people take those first faltering steps on heels. Doing my "aunty Sue" bit I try and help those finding their role in life.

I love the atmosphere at PPs and hope to help build it towards becoming one of the most welcoming venues around.

My profile on TVChix is "Susan" and I'm always willing to chat there. Equally, don't have any problems having a coffee and chat as Mike if that is easier.

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