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As I have now been to The Pink Punter I thought I would report back my experience. This forum seemed the most appropriate place.Although plenty advice was given about what night was best to attend, personal circumstances dictated that Thursday was best for me.

As well as opening up this discussion I emailed PP explaining my intention. They replied quite promptly that they would inform the TAG (Tvs Advisory Group). Mandy, one of the TAG members then emailed me directly offering to meet me outside my hotel (the Campanile) and show me around PP.

Even though the hotel is only across the road I accepted as I felt it would be less daunting for me to go in with a friendly face. I was then contacted by Kathryn who had read the forum and also offered to meet me. As I had already made arrangements with Mandy we agreed to meet inside. Various update texts passed between the three of us and Mandy duly met me in the hotel car park and we drove across to PP.

I went in with Mandy and his wife and was introduced to all the staff we happened to meet. Just after we got inside we met Kathryn who joined us on the tour of the club, all its bars and amenities. What was of particular interest was the changing area laid on for us girls that need to turn up in bloke mode. This was new and had been introduced at the recommendation of the TAG.

The tour and introductions was very thorough and made me feel at ease. Mandy and wife then went off on other business and Kathryn and myself got some drinks and settled down for a chat. The comments from other Tvchix members about the normal Thursday night crowd was very accurate apart from Mandy, Kathryn and myself there was only one other CD in the club who I spied dancing away.

At about 12:30 Kathryn had to leave due to work commitment so I strolled around on my own taking in the atmosphere for a while. Lets face it I'm a 62 year old male dressed in my feminine finery walking around a club. That puts me in a small minority as far as being one of only three CDs in the place and probably the oldest person there. Was anyone bothered? No. It was like it was the most natural thing in the world and I felt great. I was dressed and out and no one was cared. It was the best feeling I have had in a long time and the best was yet to come.

Having suddenly got a touch of the munchies I decided to "treat" myself to a bacon roll, excellent value!! I then decided that I would probably leave at about 1:00am. I am not really sure about the correct order of events that followed. I got talking to the dancing girl I mentioned earlier (stevefromMK6 on tvchix) and some other clubbers. Things turned into a bit of a mini party. I had some dances with a straight guy called Chris whilst his girlfriend danced with Steve and apart from a bit of the usual party banter I received some nice compliments. They may have just been being kind but I don't care, it was nice being Christine and mixing with a variety of people and having fun.

I can't help feeling that going on a night where I couldn't hide amongst a host of Tgirls actually helped me. It was good to be among people of other persuasions and accepted me for who I was. Don't be put off going to PP any night even on your own. You couldn't find a friendlier place. And for a first time it was excellent.

Did I say I was going to leave at 1:00am, so were the couple we were dancing with. We all ended up leaving at closing time, 3:00am!!!!

Time just evaporated while we were having fun.

It was great.


Hello Mandy,

Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for such a fantastic evening last Sunday!

I have just sent a message to Pinks:-

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff for such a fantastic evening last Sunday, 29th January. This was my first time at Pinks and it so far exceeded my expectations that I am still climbing down from the ceiling!

Never in my 40+ years of being a trannie have I experienced such a great time amongst such lovely people.Everyone was so friendly and I couldn't get over that they all loved me, especially the girls!

Special thanks must go to Mandy who took me under her wing and showed me round. I do not dress up very often but when I do Pinks is now going to be the top venue to head to!

Thanks again for giving me such lovely memories!

Glynis xx

p.s I have a photo of the routemaster bus if you would like me to send it to you and use if you so wish.

But just to add that your help really added to the evening and the photos you took of me with the girls were unbelieveable! I keep looking at them because I still cannot believe it all happened! The girls were so friendly towards me and to cuddle up to them and have a kiss was amazing. But also Kieron and Ben were lovely boys and looked after me as well!

I enclose a couple of photos.

Thanks again Mandy and I hope to see you in the Autumn and hope to come many times in the future!


Glynis xx

p.s. Your figure is the envy of many trannies and real girls as well! How do you keep so trim?!

Hi Mandy and Marie,

Thanks so much for everything you done last night,it was so nice of you both make us feel so welcome and the introduction to pinks was fantastic!

You really help put us at ease and it was great to meet you both,lexys feet are hurting this morning the lightwieght! im glad ive shown her how to dance in heels!

lucy and lexy